The Watercolor Gallery of Laguna Beach

Yvon Bonnaffoux

      "Color Falling From the Sky"

     Born in Marseilles on the 30th of October1952, Yvon Bonnaffoux has always lived in Provence, Marseilles, Aubagne, Aix or Le Luberon… He is naturally a painter of Provence.  Since the beginning of his career, Yvon has created his oil paintings with the intuitive use of the palette knife.  He is drawn to painting the landscapes around Aubagne, Aix-en-Provence and in the Luberon, where he has lived his entire life and where he has captured the intense sunlight to offer us a sublime Provence, a Provence created with a myriad of fine brush strokes.  Through his oil technique “in the paste”, applied with deft touches of the palette knife, the artist gives to the material and the perspectives an astounding realism. Nature rests, enrobed in sunlight ; he has chosen rural and authentic scenes and has captured nature in an everlasting blissful instant.  The poetry and the atmosphere present are undeniable ; the light effect is breathtaking.
     Yvon Bonnaffoux has inherited from both the Italian "macchiaioli" and from the French impressionists, the gift of observation, which renders a sculptured landscape shimmering in primary colors.  By his work, the artist shows the personal attachment he has for the true Provence, which one can only experience by following remote, seldom taken paths.  These modest reminders of rural life, caught in a magical moment, dazzle the beholder thanks to the sun's mesmerizing powers.  These glances in time take us back instantaneously to a land lost in time, to a land where one can find the fleeting joys life once offered.
     Of Bonnaffoux's talent, the Carnet de Provence has written, "his paintings, brimming with radiance, give art enthusiasts the belief that they are staring in fascination upon a scene revealed by open windows, through which the sun flows in...Yvon Bonnaffoux, the painter with light in his fingers, as we have called him, belongs to those fortunate men who have been tapped by the magic wand of some kind fairy.  Indeed, the wand that he holds is a paint brush, and it's name is Light."

"Coquelicots a Manosque"

"Ombelles aux Bottes de Paille"



"Coquelicots, Sainfoin et Mure Sauvage"

"Rouleaux de Paille Oublis"


"Vignes au Cabanon"

"Glycine, rue F. Mistral"