The Watercolor Gallery of Laguna Beach

Marsha Davis

"Homage to the Sea" (Oil)

"For everyman the world is as it was at the first day, and as full of untold novelties for him who has the eyes to see them."  (Thomas Henry Huxley 1825-1895)

     These words express how Marsha feels about her art and what she wants to convey to her viewer.  She strives to create simple truths in her art that transcends geographical boundaries to produce a dialogue that is every man's view.  This is her have the viewer 'feel' and appreciate the beauty and simplicity in nature.

     Marsha was born in Kentucky on a small farm.  She became interested in art at a young age.  Her love of nature and wildlife was stimulated by her father who took her with him to the duck blinds along the Mississippi flyway, the fishing trips at Kentucky and Reelfoot Lakes, and the walks through the country.

     Marsha has been fortunate to have studied with contemporary Masters that are respected for their ability to teach as well as their work, such as;  Christopher Schink, NWS;  Charles Reid, AWS;  Al Brouillette, AWS;  Fredrich Wong, AWS;  Irving Shapiro, AWS;  and others.  Each of these artists contributed not only to her technical knowledge of the skill of art, but her outlook and approach to art.  "An artist must be constantly learning, observing, and experimenting in order to better convey that special 'feeling' a painting must state." 


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